Army-Navy game wrap-up, we think

Reader Richard Davis writes from Philadelphia writes:

Nobody captures the spirit of the Army-Navy game better than the great Bill Lyon of the Philadelphia Inquirer. This story (“On-field enemies, off-field brothers”) is mainly about the commaraderie of the Cadets and Middies that occurs on the field, especially after the game. Some readers might like it and it might inspire some young people to think about being a part of this tradition.

Reader Marc Abbot (West Point ’07) writes with the Cadet’s perspective:

As an avid Powerline reader (and by association an Army Fan), I am compelled to reply to the Navy whose letter you posted on the blog today. Of course it hurts all the more the day after the big game, and I am holding out hope that Coach Bobby Ross will get the team back in the win column by next year.
I don


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