Free At Last, Free At Last

The appalling Mary Frances Berry, Chairwoman of the U.S. Civil Rights Commission and one of the worst public servants in American history, is finally on her way out. The Bush administration has appointed replacements for the awful Ms. Berry and vice chairman Cruz Reynoso, whose terms are finally ending:

President Bush on Monday moved to replace Mary Frances Berry, the outspoken chairwoman of the U.S. Civil Rights Commission who has argued with every president since Jimmy Carter appointed her to the panel a quarter century ago.
But Berry balked at leaving now, arguing through a spokesman that she and vice chairman Cruz Reynoso, who also is being replaced, have terms that run until midnight Jan. 21, 2005. The White House maintained that their six-year terms expired Sunday and that Berry and Reynoso had been replaced.

This grasping effort to hang on to “power” for a few more days is typical. Ms. Berry has been an embarrassment for twenty-five years, as has the Civil Rights Commission. Only the magic phrase “civil rights” has prevented the Commission from being a laughingstock. That phrase, thankfully, is no longer enough. Mary Frances Berry, one of the most biased and partisan figures in American public life, RIP.


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