President Bush Appreciates Art

I’m a big art fan, and when I’m in a new city on vacation I seek out the local museum whenever I can. I’m not sure whether President Bush shares my interest in art or not, but duty sometimes requires him to visit museums. As when he was in Canada recently; my youngest brother, the Rocket Prof, pointed out this photo of Bush viewing paintings of the Four Indian Kings at Canada’s National Archives. Click to enlarge:

I can’t tell from the President’s expression how much he enjoys the experience, but he seems to be looking at the paintings intently, at least. The personal angle on this is that a few years ago, the Prof wrote an article on the Four Indian Kings’ visit to England, which was, in its time, a huge news event. The article doesn’t seem to be available online (for free, anyway), but if you have access to JSTOR, you can get it here. And a brief article about the Four Kings is here.


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