Greetings From Venezuela

One of the main purposes of the Wizbang contest is to introduce bloggers and blog readers to new blogs they haven’t encountered before. In that regard, we got this very nice email from a blogger in Venezuela who discovered us through the contest:

Using the opportunity to discover new blogs through my own nomination, I noticed that 1) you have the friend of Israel sticker, and 2) you
took interest in Ukraine.
Well, the Ukraine story has been followed quite closely in Venezuela (and in Venezuelan blogs) as it sadly correlates too well to the fraud we suffered on August 15 leaving us with Chavez until who knows when… I did quote your page by the way but did not let you know at the time.
And last week we had our very first anti semitic incident, when cops searched the Jewish school of Caracas at 6:30 AM as kids were arriving. We even got a Weisenthal Center communique on this matter.
Thus a little suggestion that you might want to check what is going on down there as it should turn uglier than what it is.
Best luck in you winning!
Daniel Duquenal

One difference between Venezuela and Ukraine: Jimmy Carter went to Venezuela to give Chavez’s fraud a fig leaf of legitimacy, while Yanukovych was on his own. A good thing for the Ukrainian people.


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