Yesterday’s good news

Bill Clinton pardoned terrorist/murderer Susan Rosenberg in the disgraceful mise en scene with which he concluded his second term. Yet this particular disgrace was lost in the uproar over the disgraceful pardon of Marc Rich. NR managing editor Jay Nordlinger wrote an outstanding article memorializing the former disgrace that was published in the March 19, 2001 issue of the magazine as “Clinton’s Rosenberg case.”
Earlier this month Rosenberg signed on to teach a course on “resistance memoirs” at Hamilton College. The routinization of this kind of scandal in academia has almost inured us to the possibility of recourse. Yesterday afternoon, however, CNN reported that “One-time [sic] radical [sic] drops [sic] teaching plans [sic].” Here’s the heart of the story:

In response to her hiring, prospective students withdrew applications and donors rescinded hundreds of thousands of dollars in pledges, school officials said.

We’re a little late in getting to this story, but we wouldn’t want to miss the opportunity to meditate on the lessons to be learned. (Courtesy of reader Tim Lundquist.)


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