Minnesota’s Other Rock Star

This is a follow-up on the Trunk’s post last night about Bobby Vee. Since yesterday, the Trunk has been helping to line Vee up for an appearance on Bill Bennett’s talk radio show. Bennett is a big fan, but who isn’t? Bobby Vee was one of the great hitmakers of the 1960s, with songs like “Devil Or Angel” and “Come Back When You Grow Up.” And he’s still going strong, as this terrific Minneapolis Star Tribune article, which I can’t resist linking to again, shows. Vee will play a show Sunday night at the Pantages theater in Minneapolis.
Vee is a treasure trove of music stories, starting when he and his brother, who had never played anywhere but their garage, were called on to substitute for Buddy Holly the night after Holly was killed in a plane crash, and including Bob Dylan’s brief stint in Vee’s band. There aren’t a lot of show business stories with happy endings; Vee’s is one of them. “I’m 61 and still performing; that’s a gift,” he says.


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