What A Wonderful World

We haven’t been talking about it, but this has been a great week for the Power Line crew. Deacon was in town Tuesday night, for what the Trunk called the first-ever meeting of the Power Line editorial board. This was the first time the three of us have ever been together in the same place, and, amazingly enough, the first time Deacon and the Trunk had ever met. (Although Deacon says there aren’t two dozen people he feels that he knows as well as the Trunk.) We all went out to dinner and had a wonderful time.
Deacon, who normally runs the site’s Washington bureau, was in town again last night. This afternoon, he and I did the Northern Alliance radio show–Deacon’s radio debut. We had to leave, unfortunately, just before Ann Coulter came on. But Mitch and the Northern Alliance gang did a great job with the interview, and we listened as we drove to the Trunk’s house, where we spent the rest of the afternoon. It was with a real sense of melancholy that I drove Deacon to the airport.
We’ve got to have more of these editorial board meetings, and I’m sure we will. For now, it’s a reminder, very apt for the holiday season, of how grateful we should all be for old and true friends.
DEACON adds: November 2 aside, my two visits to Minnesota this week have been the highlight of the year for me. The Rocket and Trunk families could not have been warmer or more hospitable.
I was also grateful for the opportunity to appear on the Northern Alliance radio show. Many thanks to Captain Ed, the Elder, and especially host Mitch Berg for making me feel so welcome and at ease. As an outsider (though perhaps not a totally objective one), I was impressed by the show’s formula — sharp, no-holds-barred commentary, with some humorous banter added. The show (or the parts of it that I heard) reminds me of our blog, except that it’s funnier. In terms of the market, my sense is that the show is where our blog was two years ago — delivering a high quality product to a relatively small audience. In others words, the show is undervalued. With a few breaks, I wouldn’t be surprised to see it take several big steps forward, as Power Line has.


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