Some familiarity, little contempt

In the post below, I suggested that the Democratic party’s current inability to take a strong anti-totalitarian line when it comes to Islamofascism (as compared to the party’s ability to be stauchly anti-Communist for many years) stems from the left’s lack of direct contact with our present enemy. I noted, however, that such contact is increasing. The best place I know of to learn more about this is David Horowitz’s latest book Unholy Alliance. Recall the extent to which Osama bin Laden’s pre-election message seemed to mirror the left’s talking points. This does not appear to have been an accident.
UPDATE: Another excellent place to learn about the emerging partnership between the left and radical Islam is this piece in Commentary by Joshua Kurlantzick. Unlike Horowtiz, Kurlantzick (the New Republic’s foreign editor) focuses on the European left. However, he also provides examples of American leftist connections with the Islamofascists, and notes that some members of our foreign policy establishment favor engaging Islamic extremists such as the Muslim Brotherhood.


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