Thank you

The polls are closed, the results are tabulated, and Power Line has been voted the best overall blog in the 2004 Wizbang Weblog Awards. Many thanks to our readers.
The record will reflect that it took three of us at Power Line to narrowly outpoll Charles Johnson’s incredible one-man operation Little Green Footballs. Even at that, Charles may want a recount.
Among the worthy winners in other categories were two of my very favorites: Kerry Spot (best new blog) and Captain’s Quarters (best conservative blog), both of which eschewed the Power Line model and won by a landslide.
If the contest hasn’t already introduced you to some great new blogs, it’s not too late.
HINDROCKET adds: Are the results official yet? I can’t tell. Kevin may still be checking the votes for possible script-voting. In any event, thanks to all of our readers who participated in the contest.
BIG TRUNK adds: My favorite site is Little Green Footballs, and I would like to cede the last word to Charles Johnson: “Power Line edges LGF in scandal-plagued poll.”


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