Surprise: Air America Doesn’t Like Us

Reader John Wilkes has been listening to Air America–he doesn’t say why–and reports that they are denouncing Power Line:

I am listening to that commercial free, 100 watt blowtorch that carries Air America. Nick what’s his name [Ed.: I have no idea who Nick is.] is babbling about Fascist Bullies, the unnamed anonymous cowards hiding behind cute names like Hindrocket, et al. When it comes to humor this is apparently the laugh track of the left. But never fear old Nick (a true son of the common man) is on to blog and is warning one and all (the new Paul Revere?) about the danger to the republic (and Minnesota) in the person of these PAID political operatives, such as Power Line. It is WAR! There are no standards, accountability, supervision or editing as is the case for poor humble Nick. Beware the PAID political commentators, says uncle Nick.

I think Air America exists mostly so it can be ridiculed by conservatives, so a lengthy response probably isn’t necessary, but two quick points suggest themselves. First, we are about as far from being “anonymous” as you can get. Apparently Nick Whoever hasn’t thought to click on the “about us” link, nor has he read the articles about us in Time and other publications, nor has he taken the trouble to Google us. Great research, Nick.
Second, we have, in general, no objection to being paid. On the contrary. As it happens, though, we are not being paid by anyone, although we do get a little revenue through Blogads. Again, Nick Whoever’s research skills seem primitive at best. For what it’s worth, while we would not reject out of hand an offer to blog on behalf of a magazine, political candidate, etc., we like our independence, and I’m pretty sure it would take a lot more money to buy us than anyone would be willing to pay.
UPDATE by BIG TRUNK: Reader Bill Rickords writes: “The Nick at Air America was Nick Gillespie of Reason mag.” Is that possible? Why would Nick Gillespie say anything so foolish?
NEVER MIND: Bill Rickords writes to say, if I understand his message correctly, that it wasn’t Nick G. whom he heard on the Air America show.


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