How the Dems See the World

The Democratic Party sent out an email today that included this description of how the Republicans are “planning to threaten our basic rights”:

Shifting the tax burden to working families. They’ll call it “reform,” but they’ve got only one thing in mind: shifting the tax burden from the wealthiest Americans onto the backs of the lower- and middle-class taxpayers. [Ed.: Every time the Republicans have cut taxes over the last 22 years, the result has been that the proportion of income taxes paid by the highest earners has increased.] They’re already floating ideas like a national sales tax that will make average families pay more.
Undermining Social Security. The Bush administration is gearing up to reintroduce its disastrous plan to undermine the retirement security of every single American. Their plan ensures a guaranteed benefit cut for all Americans and creates a new debt of one trillion dollars for our children and grandchildren. [Ed.: Translation–1) We have no intention of doing anything about the impending Social Security crisis; and 2) if you’re under 50, we’re not interested in your vote. Unless we can scare you into thinking you’re going to be drafted.
Packing the Supreme Court with extremists. This is the greatest danger to our fundamental constitutional rights that will affect all our lives for decades to come. A Supreme Court retirement could come at any moment, and three or more justices could retire over the course of Bush’s term. If Bush nominates extremist judges to the nation’s highest court for lifetime appointments — as he has done with the lower courts — all the rights we hold dear will be at risk. [Ed.: Yes, that’s right. Republican judges in the lower courts are constantly voting to abolish the Bill of Rights.]

This cartoonish vision of the political world is of a piece with the last several national Democratic campaigns. It has been widely noted that the Democrats did much better in local races last month than they did on the national scene, pulling even in state legislative representation. I would guess that at least part of the reason is that Democratic candidates in local races didn’t fall into the Moore/Soros cartoon world, but actually talked with some intelligence about the problems facing their constituents.


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