God bless Hillary Clinton?!

That’s the title of Tony Blankley’s column in today’s Washington Times (the question and explanation marks appear in the print edition, but not online). Blankley is grateful that Senator Clinton has brought the issue of border control in from the cold. Democrats have opposed serious border control legislation because, says Blankley, they are the party of immigrants and are under the sway of radical ethnic interest groups; Republicans have resisted out of fear of offending Hispanic voters and because business and agricultural interests like the constant flow of cheap labor. But with Clinton pushing the issue, her party now may follow suit, while Republicans deem it impolitic to be outflanked on this.
I favor legislation to make our borders more secure. At the same time, I’m skeptical about the government’s ability to make them significantly more secure, even with a massive increase of resources. But Hillary Clinton and her fellow Democrats, being big government liberals, probably harbor no such doubts. Once they sign on to the cause of border security, don’t be surprised if they are more gung-ho than their Republican counterparts.


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