Vox blogoli?

We’ve been bystanders to the carnage occasioned by Newsweek’s current offensive against Christmas. Our friend Hugh Hewitt orchestrated the remarkable counterattack that he recounts with characteristic good humor and a selection of good links in his Standard Online column: “Year of the Blog.”
Hugh has dubbed the counterattack of blogs on such MSM excrescences as Jon Meacham’s Newsweek cover story “Vox blogoli.” Blogoli? Blogoli sounds like an Italian dessert to me. As a one-time Latin teacher, I wonder if that shouldn’t be “Vox blogorum,” but I hope it’s not too late in any event for Hugh to include this episode as a chapter in his forthcoming book: Blog: Understanding the Information Reformation That’s Changing Your World.
UPDATE: Readers support Hugh. Bruno Bragoli writes:

Since my family name is BRAGOLI I was somewhat amused by the BLOGOLI piece. As an avid reader of your blog, who is a Conservative Canadian, born in England of Italian, English, Scottish heritage, who like most, if not all, of his American relatives supported and voted for George Bush. I too support his policies as being in the best interests of all who inhabit this planet.
I think that in this headline Hewitt maybe understands the Italian word Bloccare means to blockade, thus one might use Blogoli, as one who stems the flow of left wing twaddle, coming from the MSM. Perchance he might have just got it right!

Dave Evans writes:

Should definitely be Vox blogoli and not Vox blogorum as there are many of us with many different voices. Keep up the good work.

But blogorum is plural!


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