Lesson learned

Roger Simon links to this excellent portrait of 87 year-old actor Herbert Lom in the Independent. That the lessons of Lom’s long and fascinating life, such as the death of his girl friend in a Nazi concentration camp, have not been lost on him is evident:

We are constantly told that our prime minister [Tony Blair] is a charlatan, a liar, a cheat, a poodle. Not once but 15 times a day. I have lived in Czechoslovakia, France and England and I have never known anything like it. I am as scared of Clare Short as I am of Saddam Hussein. She can bring this Government down, I think. As a woman I find her very attractive, but she is a pain in the arse. Tony Blair is a brilliant and brave prime minister. It must distress him that chopping off heads, which has become fashionable among those villains in the desert, is not considered as wicked as failing to find the so-called weapons of mass destruction.


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