We’ve Arrived, I Think

Hugh Hewitt posted this photo of a billboard in Minneapolis, adversising his show and Michael Medved’s but not, for some inexplicable reason, the Northern Alliance:
Well, Hugh, we may have been snubbed by the Patriot, but eat your heart out: we’re in the New York Post’s gossip column, Page Six.
UPDATE: We also, of course, have been named Time Magazine’s Blog of the Year, an honor that probably exceeds mention on Page Six. We knew this was coming, in some form, since the magazine sent a writer, Lev Grossman, to interview us and later a photographer to take our picture. (We’re curious to see the photo; it was taken in the Trunk’s basement, and, as Deacon said, you don’t often see three guys’ heads that close together unless they’re singing into a microphone.) So far, however, we haven’t gotten access to the new issue to see what the article says, so we don’t have any comment yet except to say “Thanks” to Time and to our readers.