Saddam Sues

Little Green Footballs has this infuriating item:

Former Iraqi dictator Saddam Hussein is preparing a legal challenge in the United States to his trial for war crimes, a newspaper reports, citing leaked papers prepared by his defense team.
Clive Stafford Smith, a British human rights lawyer, has prepared a 50-page brief which contains advice to take the case to US courts to ensure he receives a fair trial, the Sunday Times reported after saying it had seen the document.
It said the leaked brief is entitled “The Iraqi Special Tribunal as Victors’ Justice — the Inherent Illegality and Bias of the Whole Process.”

In a great bit of instant sleuthing, Charles also points out that “human rights lawyer” Clive Smith is supported by–who else?–George Soros.
The pro-Saddam Hussein campaign is just another front in the anti-George W. Bush (and, more fundamentally, anti-American) war.
It strikes me that if the entire war crime/mass murder trial process is “inherently illegal and biased,” as the prospective lawsuit alleges, then what practical alternative is there? The only one I can see is shooting Saddam on sight. Which would have been fine with us, but would, of course, have provoked an outcry from the left, to the effect that there should have been a trial.


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