Hometown guys make good

We have always liked and respected the news reporters at the Minneapolis Star Tribune. Thus it’s not a surprise that Star Tribune reporter Matt McKinney has written a gracious and informative article about us for this morning’s paper: “Local site a top dog in Web logs.” Now if the Star Tribune columnists or editorialists had a kind word to say about us, that would qualify for Ripley’s. Fortunately for us, McKinney didn’t reach Saint Nick the exegete or Jim Boyd for comment.
UPDATE: Lucianne links to the Star Tribune article, awards us an “LDot Golden Drawstring” and calls us “geniuses.” Unlike legendary Star Tribune sports columnist Sid Hartman, who uses “genius” solely as a term of derision directed to second-guessing fans (like us, coincidentally), Lucianne means it. We are unworthy, but thanks! Our friends at Frontpagemag.com also extend their congratulations to us here.
UPDATE by Hindrocket: The Sioux Falls Argus Leader, which had its own encounters with blogs last fall, has a story that emphasizes my South Dakota roots: “New honors go to blog co-founded by native of S.D.”.


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