Sleight of Hand?

Jim Geraghty at Kerry Spot–Jim, the election’s over; it’s time for a new name–has heard that CBS may be planning a bit of misdirection in connection with the Thornburgh report:

A little birdie familiar with discussions at CBS News tells me that the network suits will announce Dan Rather’s replacement the day they release the report into the fake memos.
I guess the aim is to distract from the bad news by creating two headlines instead of just the bad one. “REPORT FINDS CBS DIDN’T CARE WHETHER BURKETT WAS RELIABLE; BUT HEY, NEVER MIND THAT, THEY NAMED A NEW ANCHOR” or something like that.
Yeah, that will work. (Eye roll.)

Personally, I think the issue at 60 Minutes goes far beyond whether they thought Burkett was reliable. But I’ll hold those thoughts until the report comes out; who knows, it’s possible they might have done a real investigation. Unlikely, but possible. You know what comes to mind when I think about the CBS investigation? Chappaquiddick. I’ll explain when the report comes out, if it confirms my suspicions.
There is a rumor, by the way, that Rather’s replacement may be Katie Couric. I may be the last person in America who has never actually seen her, but from what I hear, she would fit right in.
UPDATE: Geraghty has also taken up Hugh Hewitt’s challenge to engage with the intelligent Jeff Jarvis rather than Deacon’s personal whipping boy, E.J. Dionne. Jim does an excellent job.


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