Almost local guy makes good

Steven Lee of the Grand Forks Herald called me for an interview last week in connection with Power Line’s appearance in the current issue of Time. Steve asked me a variety of thoughtful questions in the course of three interviews that took me all the way back to my experience as a student of Mrs. Mullenbein at the Temple Beth El nursery school in Fargo, North Dakota.
The interview will tell you a little bit more about me than you could possibly want to know, but if my parents were alive they would have enjoyed it greatly. The interview runs in today’s “Prairie Voices” feature under the heading “Blogging at its best.”
Steve’s probing questions reminded me that one of my nursery school classmates was Maimon Schwarzschild, now a professor on the faculty of the University of San Diego Law School and a prominent blogger at The Right Coast. Mrs. Mullenbein would be proud!
UPDATE: The estimable Professor Schwarzschild has responded to my walk down memory lane with a wonderful exploration of the Jewish presence in Fargo in “A Fargo forum.” Our Northern Alliance colleague James Lileks makes a surprise appearance at the conclusion of the post.


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