Here he stands

UCLA Law School Professor Richard Sander has published a lengthy empirical study of the costs and benefits of affirmative action as practiced in the elite law schools ruled by academic liberals. Judged solely from the perspective of the black students it was intended to help, Sander concludes, affirmative action has been a disaster. We previewed Sander’s findings here. (Click here for the Wall Street Journal article summarizing the academic attack on Sander’s study.)
Sander’s study has not driven a stake into the heart of the faith of academic liberals in affirmative action. It has merely demonstrated their faith to be absurd. Neither has it elicited the pure protestation of faith (“I believe because it is absurd”) that in part supports the regime of affirmative action in higher education. But might Sander yet be driven to nailing his theses on the wall of the academy? No contemporary institution comes closer to mirroring the systemic ecclesiastical corruption that drove Luther (in fact or legend) to nail his 95 theses to the wall of the Castle Church.
In the current issue of the Weekly Standard, Terry Eastland summarizes Sander’s research and describes the gathering storm: “The mismatch game.”


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