Pipes Junior and Senior

The Rocket Prof called our attention to this surprisingly sympathetic portrait of one of our heroes, Daniel Pipes, in this month’s Harvard magazine. The article begins by drawing an analogy between Pipes and his father, Richard Pipes, who was a professor at Harvard who was ostracized for his anti-Communist beliefs:

Daniel ’71, Ph.D. ’78 (early Islamic history), is what old-timers would call a chip off the old block. Both are essentially loners, non-belongers (the subtitle of Vixi [Richard Pipes’ autobiography] is “Memoirs of a Non-Belonger”), and fighters. Pipes the elder, the fiercely anti-communist cold-warrior, head of President Ford’s Team B (formed to evaluate the CIA’s estimates of Soviet nuclear intentions) and Soviet policy adviser to President Reagan, was cursed as a “wretched anti-Sovietist” by Pravda