Burying the Bush rally

At Tigerhawk Jack Henneman has taken a close look at the graphic accompanying Jonathan Fuerbringer’s article in today’s New York Times business section on the stock market this year. Fuerbringer’s article is “Late stock market rally makes 2004 a winning year.”
The chart accompanying Fuerbringer’s article shows the change in the Dow Jones Industrial Average between the Monday before Election Day and the end of the year for the last 27 presidential elections. Henneman discovers that, according to the chart, Harry Truman was elected president in 1944. Henneman’s findings on Fuerbringer’s article are also interesting, though slightly less surprising: “Flyspecking the New York Times.”
UPDATE: Reader Alan Brinson writes:

I’ve noticed that there is another error in the NYT article. Theodore Roosevelt was not elected in 1900. He ascended to the presidency in September 1901 after McKinley was assassinated.


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