Attention: Mrs. Cheney (and update)

We missed the remarkable two-part Los Angeles Times year-in-review posts undertaken by Patterico’s Pontifications. Patterico seems to think that he has previously asked us to link to his posts. He writes:

Why am I taking one more stab at getting Power Line to link my L.A. Times Year in Review? It’s all about Lynne Cheney.
See, I come to the defense of Dick Cheney a couple of times in the posts, and I’d like him to know about it. I figure that, if you guys link my review, Lynne Cheney might read it — and maybe she’ll tell her husband about it. It’s a longshot, but it’s worth a try.
So, even though the review was linked by Instapundit,, Hugh Hewitt, Captain Ed, and others — I’m still not satisfied. I gotta have Lynne Cheney see it! And for that, it’s Power Line or bust. The links are Part One (coverage of the election, including the Times’s misrepresentation of one of Dick Cheney’s remarks), and Part Two (other coverage — including the duck-hunting trip with Dick Cheney and Justice Scalia).
Either way, I promise this is the last e-mail I’ll send you asking for a link for these pieces. You will continue to be my favorite collection of “slavering right-wing hacks,” regardless of whether you link the posts.

Well, we’re pretty sure Mrs. Cheney would alrealy have learned of Patterico’s good work from Hugh and Glenn Reynolds, but we understand how important it is to leave no stone unturned when you’re on a mission. Moreover, we’re proud to bring Patterico’s work to the attention of anyone who might be unfamiliar with it.
UPDATE: The estimable Michael Ledeen writes:

Okay, just to start the New Year off well, tell Paterico that I will print out his articles and hand deliver them to Mrs. Cheney since she works down the hall from me…


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