Arrests and Rumors of Arrests

On December 30, the Iraqi newspaper Alrafidayn reported that two of Zarqawi’s top aides had been arrested. Most intriguing to me was the reported apprehension of Ridha Albarazani, who was described as being “in charge of communication between terrorist cells” in Iraq. The arrest of two top aides, especially one who was responsible for communication among cells, raised hopes that Zarqawi himself might be next.
Now there are indeed rumors, apparently originating with news sources in the Emirates and in Kurdish Iraq, that Zarqawi has been captured. That would be great, of course, if true. But there have been similar rumors several times in the past, and unless and until this one is confirmed, there is little point in speculating. Of course, if Zarqawi were caught, the authorities would want to delay announcing the fact, if possible, to gain the benefit of any intelligence that might be obtained from him.


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