The (Jayson) Blair Witch Project

Readers may recall that Star Tribune staffer Nick Coleman called our masculinity into question in his below-the-belt column devoted to a vicious personal attack on us. In a related e-mail to reader Seth Simmons, written with the same self-regard and wit as his column, Nick Vicious contrasted his physical stature with Rocket Man’s and boasted, “I am 6-feet-tall, 200 lbs, and like to whack people with a hockey stick.” In the world of Nick Vicious, that’s the way a real man talks.
Unfortunately for Nick Vicious, however, the Star Tribune itself exposed another bit of his braggadocio as NV’s own contribution to the (Jayson) Blair Witch Project. As we noted earlier this week, NV’s account of his glorious journalistic public service 14 years ago turns out to be a fractured fairy tale. And this was the chapter of his career by which NV sought to contrast his journalistic chops with those of “Extreme Bloggers” like us. Pathetic.
We’ve become big fans of blogger La Shawn Barber. See, for example, La Shawn’s “Armstrong Williams: The wrong side.” Today Townhall publishes La Shawn’s guest column on our unpleasantly close encounter with NV: “Nick’s nasty bout with blog envy.” La Shawn, if you see a middle aged white guy hulking behind you with a hockey stick, run like hell. He likes to whack people with it.


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