Ms. Zhang requests

We have received an unusual request for Power Line readers to participate in a survey prepared by University of Missouri-Columbia journalism student Jueman Zhang. Ms. Zhang writes:

I come from Shanghai, China. I was a reporter in Shanghai before I came to the U.S. for my graduate studies in August 2003. I am now a graduate student majoring in journalism at University of Missouri-Columbia. I am very curious about why your Weblog is so popular and that’s why I have decided to do the investigation for my thesis.
The survey, which will take only a few minutes to complete, is available online here.
Thank you very much!
Jueman Zhang

Ms. Zhang advises us that she intends to return to China to work upon the completion of her studies at the University of Missouri. I’ve now spoken with her over the telephone three times and she seems like a delightful person engaged in work that she is taking seriously.
HINDROCKET adds: The survey takes only a few moments to fill out, and it will provide information about our readers that should be of interest to us, and perhaps to you as well. So we’d encourage filling out the survey if you can spare a minute or two.


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