Ms. Zhang thanks you

This past Friday in “Ms. Zhang requests,” we posted the request from University of Missouri-Columbia journalism student Jueman Zhang for Power Line readers to particiate in a survey. I think it’s fair to say that the response was overwhelming. Today Ms. Zhang writes:

Thank you very much for your support! The attached [spreadsheet — omitted here] is the data I get. Until now, I have received 6,250 replies. On Friday alone, I received about 4,500 replies. It is really strong data. You can refer to the questionnaire to roughly code it. Many people also fill in the “others, please specify” item.
I will keep you updated about my further analysis but that will take some time. For instance, I might calculate the means for each question. I will send you the result as soon as it is done.
I’d also like to add some background info about the survey and me. I was a reporter covering metropolitcan news in Shanghai. I am an independent student now, not working for any agencies in China. I come here to learn advanced knowledge in journalism and mass communication research.

Ms. Zhang also included information regarding the academic supervision under which she is conducting the survey:

The survey got the UM-C IRB approval earlier with the referrence number 1045889. My advisor for this investigation is Dr. Clyde Bentley and my methodoligist is Dr. Wayne Wanta.
Many thanks again for your trust and help! Your blog is really amazing!

We look forward to sharing the results of the survey with you when Ms. Zhang forwards the tabulated results and join Ms. Zhang in thanking you for your generous response to her request.


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