About That Physical

I’ve said many times that in my opinion, the most important arguments showing the falsity of the 60 Minutes documents related not to their typography or to fine points of military protocol (although those points are certainly valid), but to their content. We have enumerated various reasons why the fake documents are wrong in substance, and the Thornburgh report does an excellent job of itemizing and explaining those issues.
A new one was added today by William Campenni in the Washington Times:

The selected memo is that dated May 4, 1972, wherein the late Lt. Col. Jerry Killian orders 1st Lt. Bush to report for a flight physical not later than May 14. … [T]his particular memo is posited as a direct order to 1st Lt. Bush, mailed to his (wrong) home address. It was used obsessively by CBS and Bush opponents in the campaign as evidence of his refusal to obey a direct order.
[P]utting aside the typos, the superscripts, the signatures, the wrong header and address, and all the previously dissected items susceptible to subjective interpretations, how do I prove this memo is a fake? Easy


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