Thanks for the MEMRI

The invaluable MEMRI has posted its translation of the televised confessions of Muayed Al-Nasseri, the commander of Saddam Hussein’s “Army of Muhammad” throughout 2004: “We Received Aid in Money and Arms from Syria and Iran.” The interview was aired by the Iraqi TV channel that operates from the UAE (Al-Fayhaa TV) on January 14.
HINDROCKET adds: This portion of the Al-Nasseri interview struck me particularly:

Cooperation with Syria began in October 2003, when a Syrian intelligence officer contacted me. S’ad Hamad Hisham and later Saddam Hussein himself authorized me to go to Syria. So I was sent to Syria. I crossed the border illegally. then I went to Damascus and met with an intelligence officer, Lieutenant-Colonel “Abu Naji” through a mediator called “Abu Saud.” I raised the issues that preocupied Saddam Hussein and the leadership. There were four issues: First, the issue of the media; second, political support in international forums; [third], aid in the form of weapons, and [fourth], material aid, whether it is considered a debt or is taken from the frozen Iraqi funds in Syria.

Make no mistake: The terrorists’ strategy is not to win the war in Mosul or Baghdad. It is to win the war in the headlines of America’s newspapers.


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