The Race to the Bottom: A New Leader?

Reader Chuck Swanson pointed out this astonishing piece of propaganda in the Minneapolis Star Tribune:

It’s time to party.
As the families of bomb-flattened Fallujah huddle in make-shift refugee camps, drinking from sewage-filled streams, Iraqi policy mastermind Paul Wolfowitz fastens the last stud into his starched collar.
As prisoners charged with no crimes, and given no recourse, languish in the hellhole of Guantanamo Bay, torture apologist Alberto Gonzales clicks his cufflinks into place.
As Dan Rather retires in disgrace over forged documents, former CIA Director George Tenet, proponent of forged documents about Iraq’s nonexistent nuclear program, adjusts the Medal of Freedom around his neck.
As Pfc. Francis Obaji, oldest son of an immigrant Nigerian family, is zipped into a body bag for the sad journey home, Laura Bush zips up her Oscar de la Renta gown.

There’s lots more. This might be the sickest piece of “journalism” I’ve ever encountered. If Joseph Goebbels were alive, America’s newspapers would be bidding for his services.


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