Off to Boston

I’m leaving for Boston in a few hours, which shows, I guess, how seriously I take the “dirty bomb” warning, which is apparently based on a cryptic, anonymous phone call from someone in Mexico. I’ll be participating in a conference on “Blogging, Journalism and Credibility” at the Kennedy School at Harvard. The conference site is here; you can link to various conference-related pages, including a webcast, if you’re really hard up for something to do tomorrow and Saturday.
I think a lot of the bloggers who were invited were unable or unwilling to attend, and it looks like I will be the only pure blogger there. (I’m excluding people like Jay Rosen and Jeff Jarvis who are real, and good, bloggers, but also have a foot in the media/journalism camp.) So to some extent I’ll be playing a role.
Anyway, I’ll report from time to time. And do feel free to check in on the webcast. It will seem less lonely if a few of our readers are tuned in.