Eve of destruction (and I feel fine)

In his Sunday Chicago Sun-Times column Mark Steyn performs his usual alchemy, turning the dross of curent events into the gold of laughter and justice: “He’s a worldbeater, all right.” Here’s Steyn’s opening:

I picked up the Village Voice for the first time in years this week. Couldn’t resist the cover story: ”The Eve Of Destruction: George W. Bush’s Four-Year Plan To Wreck The World.”
Oh, dear. It’s so easy to raise expectations at the beginning of a new presidential term. But at least he’s got a four-year plan. Over on the Democratic bench, worldwise they don’t seem to have given things much thought. The differences were especially stark in the last seven days: In the first half of the week, Senate Dems badgered the incoming secretary of state, Condoleezza Rice — culminating in the decision of West Virginia porkmeister Robert C. Byrd to delay the incoming thereof. Don’t ask me why. Byrd, the former Klu Klux Klan Kleagle, is taking a stand over states’ rights, or his rights over State, or some such. Whatever the reason, the sight of an old Klansman blocking a little colored girl from Birmingham from getting into her office contributed to the general retro vibe that hangs around the Democratic Party these days. Even “Eve Of Destruction,” one notes, is a 40-year-old hippie dirge.

I recently called for Stefan Sharkansky to receive a Pulitzer for his investigative reportage at Sound Politics on the Washington gubernatorial election. In the categories of commentary and criticism, will somebody please get Steyn a Pulitzer for his his work in the Sun-Times, the Atlantic, the New Criterion, and National Review? He is in a class by himself. (Courtesy of RealClearPolitics.)


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