Where have all the democrats gone?

William Shawcross is a distinguished British author. He first came to prominence as a critic of the U.S. policy in Southeast Asia. These days, he is staunch supporter of U.S. foreign policy, and especially the Anglo-American effort in Iraq, which he defends in his latest book Allies: The U.S., Britain, and Europe, and the War in Iraq. In today’s Guardian, Shawcross addresses the significance of the upcoming elections in Iraq, and asks why more democrats aren’t backing them. Shawcross concludes:

It is shocking that so few democratic governments support the Iraqi people. Where are French and German and Spanish protests against the terror being inflicted on voters in Iraq? And it is shocking that around the world there is not wider admiration of, assistance to and moral support (and more) for the Iraqi people. The choice is clear: movement towards democracy in Iraq or a new nihilism akin to fascism – Islamist fascism.


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