Belated Blizzard Blogging

We arrived home tonight, only an hour or so late despite a blizzard which paralyzed much of the east coast and, to my daughters’ jealous derision, prompted a pre-emptive two-day school cancellation. If you have to be snowbound, Cambridge, and especially the beautiful Charles Hotel, is a great place to be. We ventured out several times during the snowstorm–over two feet fell in Cambridge Saturday night and Sunday–and took pictures from time to time. Here are Harvard Square and the girls on Kennedy Drive at the height of the snowstorm; click to enlarge:

I thought this one offered a nice contrast; as always, click to enlarge:

Today was bright and sunny, an altogether beautiful winter day. My youngest daughter climbed a good-sized snow pile in the Yard. And, finally, the blizzard was over, but the digging out wasn’t. There are cars under those piles of snow in the North End. I don’t think they’ll be going anywhere soon:

UPDATE: I forgot to say thanks to the Power Line readers who showed up for the public session of the Journalism/Blogging conference and stopped by to say Hello. A mystery was solved; one of them was the guy responsible for the “Thank Tony” ads. Thanks, too, to all of the readers who sent emails offering to buy me a beer in Boston. What with the conference, the snowstorm, and having two kids in tow, I wasn’t able to take you up on your kind offers. But it’s great to know that we have friends in faraway places.


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