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Michael Schaefer writes:

So, a while back, myself and several friends thought we would see what all this BLOG stuff is about. We went googling and searching and soon became frustrated with either bad sites or too many sites, and the established bloggers we heard or read of in “the media” were hard to find unless you went searching each by each.
We thought, wouldn’t it be great if there was a quick portal where most of the respected bloggers, massive blog engines, and just plain good & well maintained blogs were easily found and accessed. And since we liked diversity, this site should be categorized so that tech blog readers might be encouraged to easily check out political blogs, or religious blog readers may quickly find contemporary cultural blogs and vice versa. A place where the guys and gals who helped invent and nurture the blogosphere are highlighted and where the big search directories for news and blogs can be accessed for current information.
Basically, a place where the millions and millions of Internet users can easily be introduced to the blog world with a simple (low-tech) one page menu. So, from a blog readers POV, we created out of necessity and for personal use. Now we would like to throw it out there for others to use. We think almost everyone from blog newcomers to big media who needs to keep an eye on blogs will find DeepBlog useful, amd future users will be able to quickly get anywhere in the blogosphere from DeepBlog’s linked sites. It’s time to make the blog-world as user friendly as possible in order to increase blog readers.
Finally, we love the idea of citizen journalism and believe it is a great and needed balance to corporate journalism; we want to support its growth with a simple portal. We have included your site there, and if you have any suggestions, additional sites we should list, or if you can help DeepBlog get linked or noticed, we would highly appreciate it.

The graphics remind me a bit of Stewart Brand’s 1968 Whole Earth Catalogue and the blogroll needs some additions, but I think Schaefer and company are off to a good start on a worthy project. Check it out.
UPDATE: The few readers who have written regarding the site have expressed negative reactions to it. Mike Daley writes:

Guess it’s good that they’re making the attempt. But, I must admit, I tuned and clicked out when I saw they’d classified the number one mil-blog — Blackfive — as a political blog. After all, just go to a categorized blogroll at almost any blogger I read, these of course being the cream of the of the crop, so to speak, and you’ll see a much better informed listing. Just a sample: Pejmanesque, Vodka Pundit, Oxblog, and — for another superb milblogs blogroll —Mudville Gazette. Then, of course there’s N.Z. Bear’s Blogosphere Ecosystem, the ultimate tool.
Well, I wish them luck in their endeavor, but honestly don’t hold out much hope for any type of success. Would seem to be an online “favorites” list, and I like mine a lot better.
BTW, I found the following to be an outstanding description of blogging, from a great blogger, who should be getting a lot more exposure, full disclosure, I believe India, and a few other Nations, will be joining the Anglosphere in bringing Liberty and Freedom to billions more than now enjoy it. GW understands this. The blog is here, his exposition on blogs is here.


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