The latest from Milwaukee

Greg Borowski of the Milwaukee Journal Sentinel continues to expose the vote fraud that plagued Milwaukee on election day: “City ok’d 1,305 flawed voter cards.” Borowski writes:

Milwaukee officials said Thursday that 1,305 same-day voter registration cards from the Nov. 2 election could not be processed, including more than 500 cases where voters listed no address and dozens more where no name was written on the card.
But the revelation of the actual number of cards that couldn’t be processed, far lower than previous estimates of 8,300 or more, raised new concerns, because it leaves a clear gap of more than 7,000 people who voted on Nov. 2 and cannot be accounted for in city records.

The online Journal Sentinel article is accompanied by a good sidebar on the irregularities that have come to light in Milwaukee, where John Kerry outpolled President Bush by 123,000 votes. President Bush lost Wisconsin by a total of 11,384 votes. At The American Mind Sean Hackbarth comments in “1,305 people shouldn’t have voted.”