More Zarqawi Arrests Announced

The government of Iraq announced today that two more close associates of Abu Musab al-Zarqawi have been in custody since mid-January. One of those arrested was described as the head of Zarqawi’d Baghdad operation; he claims to have met with Zarqawi more than forty times over a three month period–suggesing, of course, that he knows where Zarqawi is.
It seems pretty clear that one of two things is happening: either 1) the Iraqi authorities have steadily rolled up Zarqawi’s network to the point where they are on the doorstep of catching the master terrorist himself; or 2) rumors that Zarqawi himself was caught several weeks ago are true, and the reason why his closest associates are now being captured is that Zarqawi is squealing on his friends.
Don’t be shocked if the Iraqi government makes a blockbuster announcement on the eve of Sunday’s election.
UPDATE: Austin Bay has some related observations.