Birds of a Feather

If you had any doubt about how far left California Senator Barbara Boxer really is, check out this love-fest with her friends at the Daily Kos. Boxer writes:

I can’t thank all of you enough — the Daily Kos community, and the blogosphere as a whole — for all of your effective work during the recent debate over Condoleezza Rice’s nomination. [Ed.: I don’t think she really means “the blogosphere as a whole;” my guess is that Boxer, who is not exactly renowned for her intelligence, has no knowledge of the conservative 60% of the blogosphere.] Your support and participation in this critical debate meant so much to me.
As you and I both know, this is just one more of the many battles we’ll be having as we fight for our nation’s future. It started with contesting the Ohio vote, it continued with the debate over Dr. Rice’s confirmation, and it will certainly continue over the Gonzalez nomination and on many other looming issues. We’re going to need to keep working together to make our voices heard and build a better America.

So it’s official: Barbara Boxer is a member of the Daily Kos community.


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