Watch Deacon Now

He’s about to begin a panel discussion on the blogosphere as, perhaps, a new media establishment at the Heritage Foundation; you can watch the event here; the link is at the upper right.
Here’s what’s a little scary, though. Heritage blogger Mary Katharine Ham writes to point out this post on The Insider, where she writes:

And speaking of Powerline, Heritage is lucky enough to have the Deacon himself with us today, discussing Rathergate and the Blogosphere at 11 a.m. Kevin of Wizbang fame and Matthew Sheffield of will also be on hand. The event can be watched live on the Heritage Web site so that all of Deacon’s absent blog-buddies can dissect his comments and produce transcripts within minutes of his appearance. Have fun, guys.
Hmmm, perhaps I shall take a camera and make Kevin my first-ever Blogger Babe of the Week. Just returning the favor for us conservative ladies. Of course, he will have competition. I’ll make my decision at 11.

In her email, Mary Katharine adds:

Might want to tell your readers Deacon (and other bloggers) are on at 11 on Which one will be my Blogger Babe of the Week?

The pressure is really on now, Deacon. This would be an unprecedented honor for our site. Don’t blow it!
UPDATE: Annoyingly, the Heritage feed gave out just as Deacon was about to start. We’ll see if maybe Heritage has it archived somewhere. No word yet on who won the contest.
FURTHER UPDATE: Heritage sent us this link to the archived version of the program:
FINAL UPDATE: The returns are in on the Babe contest. Sorry, Deacon:
DEACON responds: Matthew Sheffield has more to be aggrieved about than I do. In any case, I enjoyed the event and had the opportunity to meet some of our readers. Many thanks to the Heritage Foundation, and to Mark Tapscott, for organizing and hosting the event. Mark has more experience in journalism and public policy than just about anyone I know (and more than today’s panelists combined), and his terrific new blog, Tapscott’s Copy Desk, reflects this.


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