A badly needed book

If you have a kid who has taken American history in high school, you know that a book answering to the description of A Patriot’s History of the United States is badly needed. I can’t vouch for the one coauthored by Professor Larry Schwekart that has just been published, but Frontpage carries an interesting interview with him this morning.
The recently published Politically Incorrect Guide to American History appears to be a disappointment. See John Kienker’s comment on The Remedy, the blog of the Claremont Institute. Rocket Man is reading the Schweikart book and will be able to provide an update with his views sometime soon.
HINDROCKET adds: We’ve corresponded with Professor Schweikart and intend to have him on our radio show within the next few weeks. I’ve looked at the Patriot’s History, and, while I haven’t yet had time to read it cover to cover, it looks excellent.


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