This Is Getting a Bit Tiresome

For the fifth time in the last six months, the Minneapolis Star Tribune and its columnists defamed us today. The miscreant this time was one “Camille J. Gage,” who was a student in a class at the University of Minnesota that I gave a guest lecture to last fall.
The piece accuses us of a failure to fact-check. The author refers to a news story we linked to last October which related to voter fraud in Wisconsin, and says that she “made a few phone calls” and determined that “[t]here was no factual basis for the voter fraud allegations.” No hint as to whom she called, or what information she learned that demonstrated that the allegations in the news story were false.
We are, of course, preparing a response. It will focus, I think, on the fact-checking that the Strib did before they printed Ms. Gage’s attack on us. I talked to Commentary Editor Eric Ringham today, and he acknowledged that the Strib didn’t do any fact-checking at all before they accused us of not fact-checking. That’s right: None. Zilch. Zippo. Nada. And Ms. Gage, if that’s really her name, has no knowledge about the voter fraud scandal which has now resulted in a federal criminal investigation.
This should be fun, but, frankly, I’m getting tired of investing my time in responding to baseless libels by the Star Tribune.
UPDATE: A reader writes in with a link indicating that Ms. Gage is a Howard Dean contributor. What a surprise.


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