To Dartmouth alums: A green dream

I feel a tremendous sense of gratitude to my alma mater, Dartmouth College. Indeed, apart from my family, I ascribe just about everything good thing that has happened in my life to my college education. Foremost among the experiences that contributed to my education as an undergraduate was the opportunity to study literature in every one of the classes taught by Professor Jeffrey Hart during my four years at the college. Yet I wonder if it would be possible for students at the college today to have an undergraduate experience like mine. See Dan Knecht’s sobering Dartmouth Daily article “The monolith on the hill.”
Last year Cypress Semiconductors chief executive officer and Dartmouth alum (’70) T.J. Rogers successfully waged an insurgent campaign for election to the Dartmouth board of trustees. I believe his election to the board will greatly benefit the college, but as of today he is more or less alone in the perspective that he brings to the board.
Peter Robinson (’79) is one of Professor Hart’s most prominent former students. Peter famously put his literary education to work in writing President Reagan’s world-shaking “tear down this wall” speech. His excellent book on his experience as a member of the Reagan speechwriting staff is How Ronald Reagan Changed My Life.
Peter is now a Hoover Institution fellow and is seeking a seat on the Dartmouth Board of Trustees as a petition candidate in the trustee election this coming March. In order to be included on the election ballot he needs to collect 500 signatures supporting his candidacy by mid-February. Click here to take a look at Peter’s site and download a petition form. I support his candidacy and if you are a Dartmouth alum I hope you will consider doing the same.
HINDROCKET adds: A green dream indeed. Of all the institutions I have been associated with, Dartmouth is by far my favorite. My only regret, when Boston was hit with two feet of snow last weekend, was that it was impossible to carry out our plan to drive north to Hanover and show off the Dartmouth campus to two of my daughters, both of whom would be excellent candidates. We know from our email that there are many Hanoverians among our readers; I’d urge them all to support Peter’s candidacy.


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