An officer and a gentleman

Bruce Sanborn is chairman of the Claremont Institute and one of my oldest friends. I went to high school and college with Bruce and I taught high school with Bruce after college the year when his first son was born. Ted Sanborn is Bruce’s oldest son, named after Bruce’s father who flew many missions as a bomber pilot during World War II and was a distinguished member of the greatest generation.
Yesterday Bruce wrote to update us on his son Ted’s progress:

Ted Sanborn has been a gentleman. Yesterday in Pensacola he swore an oath to defend the Constitution and supplemented his status by becoming an officer (sword-wielder too, as the observant among you will notice). He is now an Ensign in the Navy.
Roughly 45 to 50 percent of the classmates Ted started Officer Candidate School with three months ago finished with him and received their officer commissions yesterday. Minnesotans (3), Texans (6), and Californians (6) led the states represented in Ted’s class.
Ted’s classmates head out to become supply corps officers, aviators, cryptologic officers, nuclear sub officers, surface warfare officers, and flight officers. They will be posted across the world.
As soon as he was commissioned yesterday, Ted started driving to Minnesota for a month in the recruiting office. Then he goes to Athens, GA for six months of supply corps training. Then to a ship for two years at least, most likely an aircraft carrier.
My admiration for Ted’s choice and the way he is conducting himself is large.

Above is the photograph of Ted that Bruce sent with his message. We join Bruce in his pride in Ted’s attainments earlier this week and express our gratitude to Ted for his service.


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