Curbing his liberalism

In undertaking the conservative wing of a Santa Monica-based left-cener-right television talk show, Tony Blankley has sighted a worthy target:

If I can convert just a couple hundred thousand West Coast liberals to the great conservative worldview, California could be competitive for Republicans. Remember, John Kerry beat George Bush by only about a million votes. And in politics, the worm never stops turning. After all, when I was a boy, California, Massachusetts and Illinois were safe Republican states, while Georgia, Mississippi and South Carolina were solid for the Democrats. Stability is an illusion. Change is all.
And, I’ll let you in on my secret target audience: Larry David, the star of “Curb Your Enthusiasm” and the co-creator of “Seinfeld.” I know that he is a big liberal (married to an even bigger liberal) and that his character on the show turned down the chance for wife-approved sex with a beautiful blond simply because she had a picture of President Bush by her couch.
But if he is anything like his character, he is, at heart, a conservative: He refuses to put up with nonsense; he’s remorselessly politically incorrect, and he is fundamentally sensible. If he’ll just listen, I’ll expose his mind to the sensible conservative explanations for the great issues of the day. He’ll be my first convert deep in the belly of the liberal Hollywood beast.

I draw two conclusions: Blankley has good taste in comedy and an active fantasy life!


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