A word from the Saudi embassy

Reader Thomas Wuthrich has forwarded us his enlightening email correspondence with the Saudi embassy regarding the upcoming conference discussed immediately below. Wuthrich wrote:

What kind of monstrous joke is your country trying to perpetrate in issuing an invitation to its “anti-terror” conference to the world’s foremost sponsor of terror, Iran, while shunning one of the foremost victims of terror, Israel?
It should come as no surprise to you when polls show that Saudi Arabia is among the countries least trusted by Americans.
And, no, I am not a Jew. I am merely someone who sees clearly.

Mr. Wuthrich received an unsigned response from the Saudi embassy information office:

Thank you Mr. Wuthrich. One of the foremost victims of terror??? I think not. Please keep in mind Israel is in violation of more United Nations resolutions than all other countries of the world combined. Iran is not in violation of any United Nations resolutions. Image is different than reality.

Do you suppose it’s possible that the precept “image is different than reality” might have some application to the Saudi conference itself? Just wondering.
HINDROCKET adds: I haven’t tried to check this out, but offhand, I wouldn’t be surprised if it’s true that–to phrase the point slightly differently–the U.N. has condemned Israel more often than all other countries combined. Which says a great deal about the U.N.


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