Pow-Pow-Power Line

When my older kids were small, there was a product that was advertised as “Pow-Pow-Power Wheels.” Like so many obnoxious jingles, it stuck in my head. Last night, the Trunk and I did two hours of Power Line radio, substituting for Hugh Hewitt. We spent the better part of an hour with Larry Schweikart, a historian and co-author of A Patriot’s History of the United States. Larry was a terrific guest, and we were swamped with calls–some from benighted souls operating under the misapprehension that the Civil War was fought over something other than slavery, and one who was convinced that the Union army was thrashed at Antietam.
Despite these distractions, or maybe because of them, it was a very fun interview. While I haven’t had time to read the Patriot’s History cover to cover yet, I’ve gotten far enough to know that it is head and shoulders above a typical survey-level text on American history. So we were delighted to get an email from Professor Schweikart this morning:

Thanks to the appearance last night the book shot up to #339 on Amazon today.

It’s the power of the medium–talk radio, in this case. We’ll have Larry on again. In the meantime, we highly recommend his book.
UPDATE: Speaking of pow-pow-power (soneone stop me!), the Patriot’s History has zoomed up to #43. We’d love to see our readers push it all the way to #1.


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