The Dam Cracks

The MSM have stubbornly held out against reporting the Eason Jordan story. But this morning Jack Kelly of the Pittsburgh Post-Gazette, one of the nation’s most web-savvy columnists, surfaced the story in a column on the gullibility and bias of the mainstream media. We’re happy to see that Jack quotes Power Line, too.
If the Jordan story parallels what happened with 60 Minutes, there will be a tipping point when one or two major news organizations tiptoe into the story. Then the rush will be on, as everyone else concludes they will be left out and will look silly if they don’t cover the story. That sound you hear is cracks forming in the dam.
UPDATE: The proprietor of ChicagoBoyz wrote, expressing considerable anguish over the fact that Kelly’s original column in the Pittsburgh Post-Gazette credited the Boyz with a quote, but the credit was deleted in the abbreviated version of the Toledo Blade that we initially linked to. We’ve therefore changed the link to the Post-Gazette’s version in hopes of restoring appropriate credit to the Boyz.


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