Happy Birthday

Today is Ronald Reagan’s birthday. Our friend Michele Bachmann, a Minnesota State Senator, observed the occasion last week by introducing a resolution honoring President Reagan. The result, Michele said on our radio show yesterday, was a “catfight.” The Democrats tried to refer the resolution to committee; they objected to various recitals in the resolution, which Michele promptly agreed to delete; they tried to amend the resolution by adding a provision saying that Reagan was a tax-increaser; they tried to amend it by deleting substantially its entire content. In the end, having failed in these procedural maneuvers, all but ten Senate Democrats gritted their teeth and voted to honor the Gipper.
Michele isn’t done; her next initiative will be to name the beltway that circles the Twin Cities after Reagan. We can hardly wait!
UPDATE: Michelle Malkin recalls her own Ronald Reagan moment, when she was first inspired by the Gipper as an eleven year old.
ONE MORE: As reader Greg Kidd points out, the Ronald Reagan commemorative stamp will be issued on Feb. 9.


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