Betting Against President Bush is Like Betting Against the Patriots

ABC’s Note has a somewhat sympathetic overview of the federal budget process that is about to begin:

The $2.5 trillion budget faces opposition from Congress and from many interest groups, and probably a slew of “Bush is cutting programs for the poor” coverage from less discerning media outlets.
The weekend and morning coverage emphasizes the farm cuts (and Republican opposition to them) and the overall DOA perception from some on the Hill.
The reality is that if you took the current budget plan and the current Social Security plan and put them in a business-as-usual case study of how Washington works, you would find deep skepticism that the President can get what he wants on either.
And indeed the tone of the press coverage and the Gang of 500 implicitly questions whether any of this will happen.
The ONLY two reasons that “DOA” is not being sung from every Beltway rooftop are
A. The President’s record of CW-defying legislative accomplishment.
B. The sheer political strength and savvy of the President’s team (as contrasted with the still-organizing opposing team).


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