Bush’s Poll Numbers Jump

The CNN/USA Today/Gallup poll released today shows a significant jump in President Bush’s approval rating. By 57% to 40%, respondents approve of Bush’s job performance. The improvement (from 51% approval last month) presumably relates to the successful election in Iraq and the State of the Union speech.
As far as I’ve seen, the poll’s internals haven’t been made public, but the sample size is quite large, with over 1,000 adults (not registered voters) surveyed.
DEACON adds: The poll also covers public opinion about Iraq. According to CNN, “In the January 7 survey, 42 percent of respondents said they approved of how Bush is handling the situation in Iraq, and 56 percent expressed dissatisfaction. But, last week Bush gained 8 percentage points in his approval rating, with 50 percent giving him a nod and 48 percent disapproving.” Moreover, “On the question of whether sending U.S. troops to Iraq was a mistake, 52 percent said ‘yes’ and 47 percent said ‘no’ during the week of January 14. But last week, the numbers flipped [actually better than flipped] with 45 percent saying ‘yes’ and 55 percent saying ‘no.'”
Finally, 57 percent of those just surveyed said it should be a high or top U.S. priority to support the growth of democratic governments. Forty-two percent said it should be a low priority or not one at all.
Obviously, the success of the recent elections is driving these numbers. As the elections recede and more Americans are killed, the numbers may well change. However, I also think that the elections made a lasting impression, and that the American public will not push for abandoning the Iraqis after their courageous demonstration of their desire for self-rule.


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